Shoppix - Mobile App.

I've been using Shoppix for almost a year now and have been paid out, so I can give a comprehensive review:


This is a mobile app, available free-of-charge for Android and Apple phones, simply visit the relevant store to install, or use the invite link and code at the end to get a bonus 200 tokens!

How it Works

The concept is very simple, all you do is take a photo of any receipts you get when shopping, these are then converted into rewards, for example Paypal (Cash), Amazon vouchers, iTunes vouchers or Love 2 Shop vouchers.

You can also get bonus tokens for completing surveys and you can also "win" tokens by completing scratch cards that you get from time to time.

You need 3,200 tokens to get £5, 6,000 tokens for £10 and finally 11,500 tokens to get the maximum of £20. So as you can see it is more "cost effective" to save your tokens up. For a rough guide this means each token is worth just over a fifth of a penny, or 640 tokens make a pound. This doesn't sound much but you get 30 tokens per receipt and you can win up to 100 from a scratch card. Most receipts are eligible, but you can only enter one per shop per day maximim.

You also get a bonus 200 tokens if you are invited, please use the invitation code at the bottom of this review if you want to try it out, both you and I will then get a bonus 200 tokens.

So, just photograph your receipts, it takes a matter of seconds to do and you will soon see your tokens mounting up, it took me about 4 months to get a £10 Paypal credit so I expect the average user will make around £2.50 a month using this app. Not bad for free and a few seconds of "work".

The company will use this data to sell to other companies, but it is anonymised, they don't sell any personal data, you just need a few basic bits of information when registering.

As well as the tokens you get entries into a monthly prize draw every time you enter a receipt, I've not won anything as yet though!

Cashing out is simple, you can do this as soon as you hit the threshold and it takes about 48 hours to receive your tokens. I chose Paypal so in my case the money was in my Paypal account.

Overall I recommend this app as although the earnings are modest it is very easy and quick to do.


Join me on Shoppix and enter this code 9ZESGBEY when you register and we can both get a bonus 200 tokens!

>Click here (mobile only) to download Shoppix


SimplicitySimple to use, app can be a little slow at times★★★★
TimeVery little time input required★★★★
RewardNot huge but decent for the input needed★★★★
OverallWorth trying for the small amount of effort required★★★★
EPMAverage Earning Per Month£2.50