Qmee - Website/Browser Plugin.

I've been using Qmee for over a year now and have been paid out, so I can give a comprehensive review:


Qmee is a website and browser plugin that allows you to earn cash using two different methods - web search and paid surveys.

How it Works

If you install their plugin (free of charge) and search using your usual search engine, some terms will generate a hit that means you get a special link to click through. These typically earn you a few pence, up to 6p a time. It's not a huge amount but over the course of a month it adds up, especially if you are a heavy internet searcher.

The main money is to be had by doing the Qmee surveys. There are usually a few to be done every day, for example there are currently 7 available with the most generous one being worth 45p and taking 12 minutes.

The drawback here is you won't be eligible for all the surveys but you may not find out until you've completed the screening questions, so you can end up wasting a few minutes and not getting paid anything as you don't fit their requirements, ie you may be too old, or live in the wrong part of the country etc.

However, if you are prepared to invest a little time you can easily do a few surveys a day and that does add up, £30 a month is perfectly achieveable.

Qmee has no minimum payout amount, you can cash out via Paypal as often as you like even if you only have a balance of a few pence. The process is almost instant. You can also donate the money to charity and get gift cards, I am not sure of the timescales for that.

Overall I recommend Qmee as although the earnings are modest and some time commitment is involved, you can earn a decent amount every month.


Join me on Qmee and we will both get a 50p bonus when you first cash out!


SimplicityQuite simple, some surveys can be long-winded★★★★★
TimeTo make a reasonable amount you will need to invest time★★★★★
RewardCan be quite generous if you invest some time★★★★
OverallWorth trying if you don't mind some effort★★★★
EPMAverage Earning Per Month£8.50


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